Green space

Natural harmony and sustainable development.

Green space

l’Alliance Business Park is in perfect harmony with its location’s natural topography.

With the park landscaped by Jean-Noel Capart of the internationally renowned JNC Office, private homes and businesses are joined by green trails, lakes and open-spaces, integrating seamlessly into the countryside.

The Park in pictures

Leaving nothing to chance to reduce its environmental footprint.


Solar panels

The site is equipped with photovoltaic panels supplying green electricity - A sustainable and renewable solution to servicing several electricity needs of each building.

Electricity monitoring

The energy-performance of all the buildings on l’Alliance Business Park is monitored regularly in association with Optiwatt, helping to manage energy consumption and improve building insulation and energy loss.



l’Alliance Business Park promotes a circular economy by collaborating with the Belgian start-up "WeCircular", who collect and recycle discarded cigarette-ends, bring a second-life to problematic waste.

Rain water recovery

To limit its environmental impact, l’Alliance Business Park employs a rain water recovery system, reducing the volume of city water consumption.

Waste management

A key initiative in the reduction of the park’s environmental footprint is the introduction of efficient waste management, ensuring reliable sorting, recycling and treatment.

Made in Abeilles

l’Alliance Business Park sponsors the beehives installed in and around the park by the "Made in Abeilles" association. The initiative aims to help safeguard biodiversity within the region, by supporting the work of local beekeepers.


Paradise lake

l’Alliance Business Park is situated adjacent to the 5 hectare "Lac du Paradis" (Paradise Lake) – Inaugurated in the summer of 2018, it attracts many visitors, who come to enjoy the peace and tranquility of this beautiful stretch of water.

l'Alliance Business Park

A unique and multifunctional park.

Office space

Office space.

A stimulating business centre.

A business centre to stimulate start-ups, develop a family business, or a new address for an international brand. Each unit has been designed by a different architect, creating spaces to suit every style of business and stimulating creativity.

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Serenity comes to town.

l’Alliance Business Park focuses on human needs in every way. The Park has been designed to stimulate a living environment for all and everyone : families, walkers, businesses and day visitors live together and help forge the identity of a sustainable and future-oriented environment. The Park promotes the responsible use of natural resources and low-energy consumption.

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